Not: Brown’s Strategic Plan

At 11 pages, the University’s strategic plan, Building on Distinction: A New Plan for Brown, is not too short in length, but it is certainly short on specifics. Many of the goals laid out in the plan are nothing but nebulous. It does not even include a deadline to meet its broad goals and offers no way for Brown to measure its progress toward reaching them. We at The Spectator would have preferred a more process-oriented delineation of the plan’s objectives.

Additionally, the plan devotes nary half a page just to undergrads, who make up 75 percent of the student body. Most shockingly, the word “university-college” does not appear once in the plan. Part of what makes Brown unique is that it combines the resources of a research-oriented university with the intimate classroom environment and liberal arts instruction one might find at a small college, yet the strategic plan concerns itself more with our grad school. We wish Brown would build on its distinction as a top university-college with a concrete, specific plan.


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Olivia Conetta is a co-editor-in-chief at The Spectator. She is majoring in public policy and economics and hails from Roslyn, New York.

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