Loser: Brown Environmentalists

CO2 bubble

In late April, passersby on the Main Green were robbed of a view of a pleasant New England spring afternoon. Obstructing the sight was an enormous black blob, allegedly containing one ton of carbon dioxide. The unavoidable black sphere was a group of activists’ stunt to raise awareness about carbon dioxide emissions. We at The Spectator can’t help but wonder about the merits of this bout of attention-seeking. Brown has already been saturated with events to raise awareness about environmentalism. If there are students still not on the green bandwagon, it is because they live under rocks, or even disagree with the environmentalists. In light of the stunt’s likely small impact on “awareness,” it is probable that the stunt cost more energy than it may be expected to reduce. After all, assembling, moving, and maintaining the blob used energy. We’re willing to wager not all of the energy used came from green sources. Not to mention that the stunt is also just an eyesore.


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  • George Vandervoort '58

    If we could get rid of all of the CO2 in the atmosphere, then all plants, and animals (including humans) would die.



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