Letter from the Editors

Thanks for reading this copy of The Spectator, our last issue of the year. Next year, we’ll print two issues in the fall semester and two in the spring semester.

If this is your first contact with The Spectator, welcome! In The Spectator you will find commentary on campus topics and national news, usually from a libertarian or conservative point of view.

We hope this issue contains opinions that you don’t usually hear in classrooms or in conversations with friends. We do not try to offend, but you may be offended. Suing us on grounds of emotional pain and suffering will not convince us to change our content. We don’t try to be popular; we try to spark discussion.

The Spectator has added several new members this year and has reached a wider audience on College Hill.

With the completion of this issue, Oliver, now at the Spectator for 3 years, will step down as editor-in-chief and Olivia will continue as editor-in-chief next year, keeping the ship steady at the helm.

We wish you a productive and enjoyable summer,

Oliver Hudson
Olivia Conetta




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