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In response to “What Your Liberal Vote Did to Your Ivy League Education” by J.P. Hare, Feb. 2013

Dear Editor,

Yes, most of us at these elite institutions are ambitious and work towards securing a place among the uppermost brackets of society. This seems true to me. What is not clear to me, is in what way it is “contrary to all our efforts towards success” when many of our peers vote liberal, even if, as the author believes, the candidate voted for or favors policies that put undue demands on the rich. Certainly we are all free to pursue — and reach — the success we crave. Perhaps their votes will lead to them having to pay higher taxes once they reach that success, but this seems in no way to hinder them in their pursuit of it.

Personally, I also disagree with the portrayal of President Barack Obama’s policy proposals. But I do not want to argue over that here. Instead, let me pose a question to you and your readers: What can we learn from the fact that the overwhelming majority at these highly elite schools support these policies which you think are contrary to their own interests? Is it that they are all delusional, self-deceiving, ignorant, or simply not intelligent enough? Or could it be that they simply have a different — but legitimate — world view, according to which it seems right to contribute more if you have more? Is it possible that many of those liberal voters are fully aware that they will be in the class upon which they wish higher taxes, but also think they will gladly contribute that higher share because that would make a better society?

I will leave it at that for now. Thank you for your consideration.


Tobias Fuchs


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