We find ourselves in the thicket of election season. Around campus, students, faculty and staff debate the merits of candidates Mitt Romney and President Obama.

We at The Spectator hope you start or join some political discussion no matter what your political views may be. In this age of voter apathy, it is easy to become cynical and decide to abstain from political debate. However, the problems facing the United States have never been greater. We have a $16 trillion debt, high unemployment, failing schools systems, and an overstretched military. Now, perhaps more than ever, it is important to participate in the political process to change the course of America.

So strike an argument up in the Ratty, in your political science class, or with a professor. Above all, do not simply be a hack of any one party or candidate. Seek out views opposed to your own and give them thought.

The Spectator does not endorse any candidates. Instead, we encourage each person to examine the facts, mull them over, and then cast a vote. We hope the Spectator makes your decision more informed.

Finally, a word of gratitude is due to our former editor-in-chief, Ryan Fleming. Ryan has propelled the Spectator to increased readership and finer quality. Now that the responsibility has been passed to us, we strive to continue the Spectator’s ascent.

Warm Regards,

Oliver Hudson and Olivia Conetta,



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