Animal Collective: Centipede Hz

Centipede Hz

Centipede Hz by Animal Collective

Artist: Animal Collective

Album: Centipede Hz

Release Date: 2012

Genre: Electronic/Rock

Animal Collective continues to throw new sounds at your ears with every album. Centipede Hz is nothing short of organized chaos. Didn’t think such a thing existed? Well, it does, and you’re going to listen to it. The sound of this album is comparable to what you might hear in a musical rainforest. If it weren’t for the frolicking vocal melodies, this album would just be a straight trip.
The astute listener will notice traces of the Beatles from their Yellow Submarine era. He or she will also find an appreciation for the rhythmic play in almost every song and the way in which series of tracks bleed into each other. This is why it’s all too important to listen to Centipede Hz as one sequential, cohesive unit. Despite the praise, there are some elements of this work that lose points. First of all, this is nothing very progressive from their previous work. They aren’t pushing their own creative boundaries with this release. The vocals in many cases become overbearing and take away from the dense and intricate soundscape. Also, although the overflow of sounds is very stimulating, it risks being too crazy and therefore may require many listens before a listener can extract something to grab on to.

If you were expecting something to dance to, this could do it for you if you’re creative enough. This should be taken more as a listening experience. All in all, this is a solid work and worth the critical listen.

Rating: 4/5

Recommended Tracks: “Moonjock,” “Wide Eyed”


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