Winner: USCCB

Over these past few months, the self-proclaimed “One True Bride of Christ” has flexed considerable political muscle. Starting with the Department of Health and Human Services birth control mandate, the Catholic Church was able to push a major violation of religious rights to the forefront of the national political debate. They made President Obama look like a fool when his White House staff attempted to tell the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to change their 2,000-year-old Church teaching and when it was brought to light that the HHS religious exemption only applied to organizations employing a majority of workers of the same faith, forcing organizations to choose between discriminating  against workers or violating their religious beliefs. The president was humbled in front of a national audience and potentially lost millions of Catholic voters, all so he could cover the cost of a $10 monthly co-pay. Obama showed that the price of religious freedom can not exceed $10 per month.  In this election cycle, the world’s oldest institution is showing it still has some political clout in the U.S.


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