Loser: UCS

We once thought power-hungry politicians and general government incompetence were reserved for Washington. Kudos to Brown’s Undergraduate Council of Students for proving us wrong and breaking the barriers on political illogical thought. On Feb. 9, UCS announced a problem in their ability to function: a strained and increasingly competitive relationship with the student government’s funding arm, the Undergraduate Finance Board, that deprived UCS of their (apparently) much-needed funds. Their solution: cooperation, discussion, or bipartisanship? No. Instead, the UCS executive board hastily coerced the general body to pass the dramatic and historically uncommon option of a constitutional amendment consolidating UCS’s power to fund itself — something no other student group on campus can do — effectively removing any institutional checks or balances on UCS. As would be expected, the amendment caused an uproar not only among UFB members but Brown students in general and failed to ultimately pass its required student body referendum. Well played, UCS, well played.


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