Grouplove: Grouplove EP


Artist: Grouplove

Album: Grouplove

Year: 2011

Label: Atlantic

Grouplove is like sweet potato pie, surprisingly sweet. And like sweet potato pie, if done right, it can remind you that you are actually eating something made from a sweet potato, which actually is not that sweet.

Grouplove doesn’t push the envelope in any musically exciting ways with their recent album “Grouplove,” yet they do seem to bring a fresh smell to the normal rock instrumentation. The female vocal harmonies make this self-titled album sweet when it would otherwise be pretty salty.

When listening to the album, your favorite song is likely going to be the first one you hear, “Colours.” The clever vocals just tickle your eardrums, and the song has a rousing chorus that makes it almost irresistible to sing along. The chorus has just enough pop to make the song catchy, but it’s inventive enough that it avoids being cliched. That said, the following few tracks — “Naked Kids,” “Gold Coast,” and, actually, all of the rest — are a little disappointing. But if you need some more spice, go check out their other releases, which don’t lack lovable songs.

2.5/ 4 stars


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