Environmentalist Warn that the H1N1 Virus Is Nearing Extinction

Imagine a world where your children will never see the beauty of the H1N1 virus.

Last Thursday, an international conservation committee comprised of several of the world’s leading environmentalists issued a dire warning: The H1N1 virus is almost extinct.

The International Commission for the Conservation of Bacteria and Viruses said in a letter released to the public that at the current rate, the last strain of the H1N1 virus could be extinct by 2015. Not surprisingly, the committee pointed to human activity as the main cause for the declining H1N1 population, which is now at a dangerously low level.

The H1N1 virus, or swine flu, population peaked in the spring of 2010, but since then numerous government-supported policies, including nationwide vaccination, have seriously threatened the existence of the virus. The ICCBV warns that losing the virus would be disastrous for the planet and local ecosystems.

Viruses and bacteria are a vital part of any ecosystem, and they are especially vital for helping control the overpopulation of numerous other species, including humans. The ICCBV wrote, “Right now the world is already facing a crisis of human overpopulation that is putting an incredible strain on Earth’s natural resources. Viruses such as the swine flu help contain the human population, in turn reducing the consumption of natural resources.”

Unfortunately, many misguided government policies like vaccination and quarantining have only exacerbated the problem. Beyond governmental policies, simply careless actions by individuals such as hand-washing can harm the reproduction cycle for the swine flu virus.

The ICCBV recommends that these policies be immediately reversed and that nations allow the virus to take refuge in the bodies of some of their citizens. The H1N1 virus does not have to go the way of the Spanish flu or bubonic plague, and there is still time to save this valuable part of the ecosystem, the ICCBV wrote. John Smith, head of the ICCBV, said in a heartfelt message, “If humans don’t reverse their actions, our children may grow up in a world where they will never be able to her the coughs of someone stricken with swine flu. As scary as that sounds, that’s the world we’re heading for unless humans and our government can take environmentalism seriously.”

This article is purely fictional and just for fun. All names have been made up.


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