Baths: Cerulean

Artist: Baths

Album: Cerulean

Label: Anticon

Genre: Electronic Pop

Rating: 5/5

I absolutely love this. Will Wiesenfeld, the artist behind Baths, brings a genius new flavor to the indie electronic music listener’s pallet. Baths incorporates a ton of novel sounds and ingenious use of beat repeats and vocal collage. Not only does the music drive a beat into your soul, it makes you appreciate each piece as an item for admiring. The sound is dramatic and atmospheric with lots of chopped vocals, syncopated rhythms and manipulated beats. The genre is truly one of a kind. Baths explores a new combination of chillwave, indie pop and idm. If you like what you hear, also be sure to check out Bibio, Jogger, and Warm Waves.



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