Loser: The Decision to Keep ROTC Out

Brown University continues to keep out ROTC

This fall Brown managed to take minority politics to the next level. Essentially, they prevented many students from possibly attending Brown, simply as a symbolic gesture. But the decision really is not about transgender rights. Even if the military were to expand membership to transgender people, Brown would still reject it from its campus. After all, the military does not allow morbidly obese people, schizophrenics or even people with severe acne to join the front ranks. Next thing we know, Brown will make a symbolic gesture by rejecting ROTC to show that they stand in solidarity with people who went to McDonald’s and always decided to supersize it. But Brown hypocritically allows the NCAA to exclude women from participating in sports such as football. Instead of kicking football off College Hill because it discriminates, Brown has an entire stadium dedicated to it. Why don’t we stand in solidarity with our number one-ranked women’s rugby team and give them the chance to sack the daylights out of Harvard’s quarterback? It is time to stop playing minority politics and bring back ROTC.


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Ryan Fleming '13 is the Editor Emeritus of the Brown Spectator. He is a Mechanical Engineering major from Southern Maryland.

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