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As another semester draws to a close, and we find ourselves in the midst of final exams, I hope The Spectator gives you a respite from end-of-semester stress. If you are a first-time reader, let me thank you for ignoring your friends who likely told you that a conservative or libertarian magazine might infect you with cooties. In the pages that follow, you will discover that The Spectator does not aim to produce ideological tripe or engage in partisan promotion. If we come across in either manner, send us a letter charging us with false advertising. Be advised, however, that as this magazine is free, there is no money-back guarantee for displeased readers.

If you are a returning reader, you perhaps have noticed that this issue of the magazine is our second installment of the semester. I am pleased to announce that beginning this academic year the Spectator is committed to putting out at least two issues each semester.

Our aim is to bring conservative and libertarian ideas to campus in a fair-minded manner. Sadly, such ideas are too often overlooked, if not suppressed, at universities that claim to value the free exchange of ideas.

Antagonism toward right-wing ideas at today’s universities gives Brown students ever more reason to become involved in the selection process of Brown’s next president. Regardless of political persuasion, every Brown student should value a president who fosters debate between controversial opinions and be wary of one who muffles opinions he or she may not hold.

Even though the members of the Campus Advisory Committee have already been determined, there is ample opportunity to lobby the committees, engage the deans and stir up conversation around campus. In the spirit of Brown, I encourage you to take charge of your own education and exert influence on the presidential search.

Only student involvement in the future of their university can protect the values of a university from the whim of a few unaccountable administrators.


Kind Regards,
Oliver Hudson
Managing Editor




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Oliver Hudson is editor emeritus of the Spectator and a graduate of Brown university in Applied Math-Computer Science.

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