Sharks: The Joys of Living

Title: Sharks, The Joys of Living

Genre: Rock, Punk Rock

What Sharks lack in musical originality, they make up for with musical cleverness, if that makes sense. Although I’m not much of modern rock/punk rock listener, I’ll point out that I was surprised to hear influences from reggae, the shimmer of the occasional harmonica part, and rare but present prog-like instrumentals. This album reminds me of the head banging, beer drinking music of the late nineties. Yet, I feel like this would have its place blasting from loud speakers at college house parties on campuses across the nation.

The vocals are rough and gritty, perfect for the bed of grungy guitars, and are supported by frequent crowd belted choruses. Although the album has spirit, I wish I could suggest a few new melodic ideas to the band. In many cases it’s as if listening through the album is listening to one song on repeat. In other words, the tracks are in general, musically boring and just taxing on the ears. I want to hear more songs with creativity heard in the intro to Track 2 “The Joys of Living,” and a little more variety of performance style. Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to hearing harmonically choked guitar chords banging incessantly throughout each song in predictable progressions, so don’t take my word for it. Take a listen and if this is your thing, then respect granted.

Rating: 3/10

Recommended Tracks: 2,13


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