Loser: The Student Body

We all remember the day that a certain group of men playing Scottish wind instruments caused every student on the main green to take up the rainbow colored battle flag. The Spectator doesn’t want to condemn the counter-protest that resulted, unlike some of are more “open-minded” friends we don’t object to people voicing their opinions. The reason why the student body receives the loser award is because of the immediate reaction of many of the onlookers. Some of the things that I personally heard were: “Why are we letting them stay here?”, “We need to run them off” and the ever eloquent “Can we shoot them or something?” Honestly, who are those guys to come to our campus – a haven of progressive thought where cultural pluralism and minority opinions are welcomed with open arms – and start spewing their hatred of religious thought! Those bigots should learn to accept and listen to other people’s viewpoints like us Brown students.


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Ryan Fleming '13 is the Editor Emeritus of the Brown Spectator. He is a Mechanical Engineering major from Southern Maryland.

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  • Nikita Jones

    I agree with you 100%. Even as someone who supports Gay Marriage, this was a truly sad day for the Brown community.



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