Winner: The Brown Daily Herald

Possible suspects for the graffiti including Sping Weekend opening act, Das Racist.

The BDH is this month’s winner for the same reason that so many Brown students hate it – the David Horowitz ads. We want to be clear that we don’t support the rhetoric of the ad (and certainly not the image of a man holding a Quran and an assault rifle), so there’s no need to spray paint “The Spectator is Racist” all over College Hill. The reason the BDH gets the winner’s nod is because once again they’re willing to stand up to hostile backlash in order to exercise free speech. Although the Herald was probably just doing it for the money, the controversy that the ads sparked was refreshing. On a campus where everything is so far to the left, political debate is often stagnant – so it’s always nice when someone stirs the pot a little bit. Also, the ad is somewhat of an anniversary for the Spectator, which began 10 years ago as a response to the stolen copies of the Herald when the last Horowitz ad ran. The Spectator would like to thank the Herald for the 10th year anniversary gift and we hope they’ll remember us again ten years from now, and possibly have decent comics by then.


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