Loser: Consent Day

The event has noble goals — make sure people know their boundaries, ensure that all sexual intercourse is consensual — but the message is blurred by the condom dart throw and the dildo ring toss. Instead of talking about anything related to consensual sex, the event mostly just involved games using sexual objects while people mentioned facts about STDs or sexual assault. Unfortunately, this event fell victim to the all too common problem at Brown: sensationalism. Too often groups advertise their events by pushing the line simply for the sake of being edgy, for example with pornographic images, dildos and erotica. But in the end, Consent Day’s message was so watered-down and lost in the pandemonium of condoms and dildos that the event essentially devolved into an attempt to get a T-shirt (which the event’s organizers ran out of, anyway).


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Ryan Fleming '13 is the Editor Emeritus of the Brown Spectator. He is a Mechanical Engineering major from Southern Maryland.

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