Debutaunts: Why Can’t We Have Fun

The Debutaunts

Title: Debutaunts, Why Can’t We Have Fun

Label: Architek One

Genre: Alternative Rock

Review:  This debut album “Why Can’t We Have Fun” by Debutaunts cannot be summed up with one description. Listen from start to finish and you’ll frequently ask yourself, “Is this the same band?” Tracks on this album span from electronic rock reminiscent of Passion Pit or MGMT, to ’60s pop rock that reveals influences from the Beatles and even the Beach Boys. All in all, this album is far from consistent and sounds as if Debutaunts threw together a collection of songs they wrote over the course of a few years. It is subject to opinion whether this inconsistency takes away from the finished product, but nevertheless, each track on the album is catchy and well written. The album tells us that Debutaunts are still discovering their capabilities. The band has yet to narrow in on its niche if it wants to gain a strong following. However, Debutaunts should choose their direction wisely, because it can be very easy to become another “been there, done that” band that fizzles out beneath the already established artists within their genre.


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